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Spectrum team is comprised of highly experienced experts with an average of 25 years experience in the financial services industry.

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As a Registered Investment Advisor, Spectrum has your best interest in mind. Learn about our unique experience and take a video tour of our office.

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The Spectrum Team is in the news, including a finalist nomination for 401(k) Specialist’s Top Advisors by Participant Outcomes for the month of July.

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Spectrum Financial strives to achieve above average returns with below average risk through our investment philosophy.


Protecting Your Property Investments with Fire Extinguishers

Fire incidents in high-rise apartment buildings all over the world have garnered attention on the issue of fire safety. How safe are these buildings? Fire safety in high-rise apartment buildings has its own challenges because of the building’s design, for example, a longer time is needed to evacuate as there will be a great number of people going through the staircase during evacuation. There isn’t a need to panic. High-rise buildings are now subject to a stricter safety code. In fact, in Canada, there is a legislation requiring all multi-unit dwellings to be inspected on an annual basis. Also most of these high-rise buildings are built to be fire proofed; its design made in such a way that the spread of fire will be limited, so if a fire breaks out, it will be confined to a specific location.